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Friday, December 30, 2011


Hello! I am Persis. I am from the white rose kingdom. I have naturally light blonde hair, green eyes, and I live with my Dad. I am all over the newspaper because my Mom is a white dragon. Here is a picture of her:

Beautiful, isn't she? Anyway, I got some of my qualities from her. I look mostly human, but I can breathe fire (When I'm angry!) and I have wings (That I can fold up, no smacking my classmates!) and my ears are a little two pointy for other kids affection. In other words, I have only one friend, Jemima, but I rarely see her, 'cause she lives in the blue rose kingdom, which is as far from here as Florida is from Texas!
So sad.
Well anyway, we made this blog as a way of FINALLY doing something together!
Now since Jemima posted a pic of herself, I don't see why I shouldn't. So here it is!

I didn't know that picture was being taken when it was, so it is kinda random. But that bird distracted me for the entire archery lesson!
well this is a bit long isn't it? id better finish...
Good bye from Persis!

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