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Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Dragons.

 I waited. And waited. How long did it take for a dragon to fly to the Rose Country? A while, apparently. I waited for about 20 minutes, which is a long time for an impatient, longing eleven year old like me. Finally, impatience won and I blew the whistle again. About thirty seconds later, a horrible, straining thirty seconds, a beautiful blue dragon landed in the front yard. I grabbed the young dragon in my arms and thanked him for coming. Then I told him (In dragon language, of course) to wait for me, for in my impatience I had forgotten to pack. I ran to my room and threw  supplies and food into my leather backpack, and attached my beautiful sword to my belt. I dashed downstairs, through the kitchen, and out the door. But then I stopped. I went back inside and told Dad I was going to the beach for a few weeks. The funny thing was, my Dad was so certain that a dragon girl could take care of herself, he let me. So I unfurled my wings, (My leather backpack was specially designed so I could fit it between my annoying wings) and Fred and I took flight into the sky, without a clue what this would be like.
I should tell, you, I knew something like this would happen someday, and I had prepared for it since I was old enough to understand that I was different. Every day, I would practice and train. I would do karate, fencing, anything, and I learned how to take care of myself. but then I met Jemima. I reached into my shirt, and pulled out a triangular shaped blue and white locket with the initials P.J. carved messily on the top. Fingers trembling, I opened the delicate necklace, and stared sadly at the picture inside. Two little girls, each about nine years old but who looked way younger, one with blonde hair and one with blue, were smiling, without a care in the world about how different they were from the rest of the world. Smiling, like all was well, and always would be. I looked like I always had, lithe, carefree and brave, with pretty little Jemima all lively and sparkling, like a blue rose unfurling into the sunlight for the first time. How wonderful those times had been, a wonderful two and a half years. And now I would see Jemima again! The real thing, the flower now in full bloom, curling, sprouting, reaching for the clouds, touching the soft damp balls, laughing and smiling, but with a dark secret.


After I blew the whistle I wondered what was supposed to happen. Was Persis supposed to appear? Was I just supposed to walk? I really didn't know. I put the whistle up to my mouth and I was about to blow it but all of a sudden a silver dragon with a orange beard appeared in front of my window. "What the heck?" I said "What? Have you never seen a flying talking dragon before?" asked the dragon, (I couldn't tell if he was serious or if he was being sarcastic.) I found my self wondering if Persis's dragon had appeared yet. I mean she did live on the other side of the rose country. the dragon hovered for a moment then he landed softly on the lawn. I yawned it seemed I was so exited I hadn't gotten much sleep. I looked out the window down at the dragon, he was eating mums flowers. . . (mum wouldn't be happy 'bout that) I finally gave in and I grabbed my trunk and hopped out the window. I landed on the dragons back but I slid of immediately, the dragons back was very slick and slippery. "What now Jemma?" asked the dragon. "H-H-How do you know my name?" I asked, because I had certainly never seen him before. "Pull out that locket in your shirt," he said. I obeyed. I opened the locket, In there was a picture of two innocent girls, one with blonde hair and one with blue, their eyes looked happy and full of excitement... if only that could have lasted. Those were the times when me and Persis didn't have any troubles, but now, two and a half years later we were in grave danger, and I had a secret that could get us both killed. I sighed and looked up at the dragon. "You must be Fred's brother" I said, I smiled. "Yes, yes, yes that's me now go say your goodbyes and come on." he said. I went inside "Goodbye mum, Goodbye Dad, I'm going to the beach with, uh, Persis." I said, my parents weren't very protective and of course they said yes. "Here's a camera sweetie, take loads of pictures." said mum, absentmindedly. I flew out the door and hopped on my dragon, "Let's go!" I said "Oh, whats your name?" "Greedle" he said. "Alright, Greedle, let's go!" I said. With that Greedle soared into the sky, we looked like a perfect picture. I smiled "I bet Persis is doing the same thing I'm doing right now."


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