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Thursday, December 29, 2011

All the roses.

Okay, let me begin with the first rose.
The White Rose.

 there are many more white roses, with equal beauty, but this is a lovely picture.
The white rose is famous for its utter 
beauty and softness. Some of the other rose
kingdoms are secretly jealous of the white
rose kingdom, though they don't realize
the white rose kingdom knows it.
The white rose stands for beauty and
bravery both. They are known for their
rare beauty, and their strange way's of 
showing it, usually using bravery.
The White Rose Kingdom is also known
as the dragon kingdom.

Then there is the second rose.
The Yellow Rose.

there are many beautiful yellow roses, making the decision very hard.
The tribe of the yellow rose symbolizes 
friendship, wits and bravery both, with amazing
qualities that are rarely seen throughout
any of the kingdoms. They have been 
known for their self sacrifice and protective

Then there is the third rose. 
The Pink Rose.

The pink rose isn't very rare, so finding a good picture isn't hard.
The pink rose is famous for all its 
princesses. It is mainly made up
of beautiful millionaires, and when
you are to marry, you give not an
engagement or wedding ring, but a 
pink rose. The pink rose kingdom is 
known for its wealth, beautiful names,
The tiniest bit of bravery in a few 
people, and kindness.

Then there is the fourth rose. 
The Blue Rose.
The blue rose has so many beautiful species, that the kingdom couldn't decide on a picture!

The blue rose kingdom is known for its friendship with the white rose kingdom,
and is also very beautiful, brave, and unique, some of the best qualities. Almost
every kingdom loves the blue rose, for they are so very smart and friendly.

Then the fifth rose.
The Green Rose.

This is only one of the enchanting green roses. To see more pictures, go to google images dot com and type green roses as the keyword.
The green rose kingdom is all for nature and
mystical creatures. There is not much to be 
said about the enchanting kingdom of the 
green rose, but that they are mysterious 
and kind, but only if you have proven yourself.
They are known for their strict judgement and 
tricky minds. All twins are exactly like Fred
and George from Harry Potter, but they 
usually live VERY long lives. some are prank
sters even though they are not twins, though 
that is rare.

Then there is the sixth rose.
The Purple Rose.

The purple rose is not common, and it only grows in the queen of the purple rose kingdom's garden. 
The people here are all either wealthy or royalty.
Every one had at least thirty acres of land, and
every person is either king, queen, princess, or
prince of their HUGE property. They believe in
perfect manners, perfect behavior, and perfect
people. The purple rose kingdom is known for
its perfectness, strictness, and bits of bravery 
scattered around in strange places. It is also full
to the top with sorcery.

Then there is the seventh rose.
The Red Rose.

The red rose is the most common of all the roses.
The most beautiful kind only grows on the mountain of love, so this one is just normal.
The red rose is a beautiful flower, yet everyone 
in the kingdom hardly notices beauty. The only
thing that matters to the people of the red rose
kingdom is love. It is that simple. Love. Marriage.
Love. That is their motto. Love. Marriage. love.
They are known for the astounding things that
they will do for love, and how they care for each
other so.

Then there is the eighth rose,
The black rose.

There is only one black rose in the world. It is litterely impossible to find. and it is best left that way.
The black roses people are all evil sorcerers.
they are all horrible, and mysterious. No one
wants to know about them, so no one does.
That is that.

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