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Monday, January 2, 2012

All the Rose dragons.

The rose dragons.

As you know each kingdom has a rose, but I bet you didn't know they also have a dragon! Here is a few pics! :
The White Dragon:
The white dragons are like their rose known for their beauty.Many dragons envy the White dragon because of it's kindness and power. The White dragon is the most well known of all the dragons and is the dragon all the other dragons look up to. White dragons also sometimes have orange beards.

The Yellow Dragon:
The Yellow dragon is not as powerful as the white dragon but it defiantly knows how to take charge when other dragons or people for that matter need him. they are very beautiful and are gorgeous at sunset (as you can see in the picture)
The Pink Dragon:
The pink dragon is extremely rare and it was very hard to find a picture. They are so rare they almost don't exist (except in cartoons) their so beautiful one look in their eyes and you instantly fall in love with then. Their are only three pink dragons in the world, two of them owned bye millionaires who live in the pink rose kingdom and one that was captured by the black rose kingdom one hundred years ago.
The Blue Dragon:
The blue dragon is known for its friendship with white dragons (like Greedle and Fred) They are very brave dragons and they find very unique ways of doing things, once a blue dragon flew half way across the world to find a lighthouse then brought it back to the blue rose queen's garden so they could have light shining on them during the night.

The Green Dragon:
Green dragons are known for being mysterious and strange but also for being very mean at times. Green dragons don't get along with humans that good and if they don't like you well....nobody ever lives to tell. The green dragon used to be friends with all dragons until the black dragons won them over....but that's another story
The Purple Dragon:
Purple dragons are known for their rarity, strength, beauty, its perfectness, strictness, and bravery. They act as though their royalty but the other dragons don't mind. Although the Purple dragons are strict they are still loving, caring, and forgiving
The Red Dragon:

The red dragon, or fire dragon, is not actually as mean as most people make it sound. Their actually lovely creatures who adore people, other dragons, and all living things. Actually most red dragons are married. Just like the red rose kingdoms motto, Love. Marriage. Love. that is exactly what red dragons do in life.
The Black Dragon:
The black dragon (from the black rose kingdom) is the scariest cruelest and meanest dragon of all. They are vicious, mean and all out scary. With their red glowing eyes and spiky tails they prowl through the night searching for stray animals, humans, and dragons. (not that I don't like them, just trying to say THEIR MEAN!!)

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